Assistance during the process of incorporating a company, always aiming to meet the specific needs of each client, whether domestic or foreign, thus defining an appropriate corporate structure, drafting the proper Bylaws or Articles of Association, including with respect to the internal structure and administrative management.

Consulting on various operations, such as merger, acquisition and other transactions – structuring and implementation – related to corporate reorganization.

Legal advice on issues related to foreign investment, interaction with the relevant regulatory authorities, such as matters within the jurisdiction of the Brazilian Central Bank.

Drafting contracts, memorandum of understanding and other corporate documents necessary for the success of operations required by the client.

Assistance to clients regarding compliance of rules and regulations to the company concerned, organizing corporate books and documents.

Assistance in the company’s routines; support and guidance conducting meetings and representation of shareholders. Representation of companies and/or shareholders in Brazil and abroad.

Analysis and prevention of corporate and administrative social responsibility.

Due diligence procedures