Together with the Terciotti Advogados law firm, and with the support of our consultant Maurício Terciotti, we provide consulting that provides clients with the correct interpretation of the tax legislation in effect, allowing clients to structure their business with the lowest tax burden legally possible. Among the diverse work done in this area, we highlight the following:

– National and international tax planning/legal advice for the implementation of operations;

– Merger, consolidation, and spin-off operations, with the use of goodwill expenses and exchange variations;

– Advice related to the importation of goods and services, taxes and customs procedures, preferential tariff treatment of international agreements and special customs regimes;

– Reduction of II rates before MDIC/CAMEX;

– Customs valuation methods;

– Legal advice on tax benefits granted by the Research and Development of Technological Innovation (R&D) law;

– Advice on obtaining and using tax incentives

– Elaboration of consultations before the Federal, State and Municipal Treasuries

– Elaboration of requests for Special Regimes;

– Legal advice on legislative changes;

– Thin capitalization and expense deductibility limits of international loans between related parties;

– Analysis of PIS/COFINS credits and the concept of input.